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High Screening Accuracy Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen


Introduction of ultrasonic vibrating screen
Ultrasonic vibrating screen is based on the ordinary three-dimensional vibrating screening machines installing an ultrasonic generator device.
By ultrasonic transducer, the 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz electric energy into 25 – 35KHz high frequency electrical energy.
The system in the conventional vibrating sieve medium introducing a low amplitude, high frequency, ultrasonic vibration waves.
So that the screen surface will produce invisible supersonic vibration.
Making superfine powder accept huge ultrasound acceleration.
And always remain suspension at the screen surface.
Thereby inhibiting the adhesion, friction, flat down, wedging and other factors blocking screen hole.
Thus achieving the purpose of efficient screening and clearing network.
Particularly suitable for high-quality, fine powder.

Features of ultrasonic vibrating screen
1.A real way to solute the problems of static, reunion, strong adsorption etc.
2.Self-cleaning function, on mesh plugs and high screening efficiency without attenuation.
3.At the same time of achieving high precision and high mesh sieving, controlling a narrow particle size range.
4.The sieve with high self-cleaning ability. It can’t led to the decrease of screening efficiency, due to the screen mesh plug.
5.Material in the process of screening does not produce electrostatic, reunion, strong adsorption phenomenon. Making high mesh sieving easier, up to 600 mesh.
6.Don’t change raw material property.
7.Can be used for single-layer, multi-layers screening.
8.Ultrasound adopt integrated circuit boards, fully enclosed, aviation special interface.
Using Scope of ultrasonic vibrating screen
In the chemical, food and spices, plastics, mining, metallurgy, medicine, wood and plywood, rubber, feed, fertilizer, sugar, salt, renewable industry have very extensive application.

Ultrasonic controlling electrical power
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Phase: single phase
Working frequency: 36KHz
Working mode: continuous pulse
Working temperature: 0-45℃
Ultrasonic transducer: sealed structure, prevent the powder.

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