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High Frequency Vibrating Screen

High frequency vibrating screen with high frequency, on the one hand, destroy the tension on the surface of the pulp and fine-grained material in the high speed on the surface of the screen, on the other hand, increased the less than the material in contact with the mesh of separation size of probability. This results in better separation conditions, which makes the materials smaller than the separation grain size, especially the material and pulp that are larger than the material, which is screened by the sieve holes. High frequency vibrating screen is reliable in structure, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, vibration noise is small, strong and durable, easy maintenance, use safety characteristics of high frequency vibrating screen is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical, and other industries products classification.

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1. Small volume, light, easy to move, and height freely adjusted.
2. High precision screening and efficiency; Applied to any powder, granule, and serosity.
3. No blocked mesh, no powder flying, the vibration frequency is up to 3,000 times/min.
4. The special mesh structure makes installation convenient and fast only costs 3 to 5 minutes.
5. Easy cleaning blind space and no residue left.
6. Easy to operate and easy maintenance.
7. All material contact parts are “stainless steel 304”.

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Chemical industry, food, medicine, metallurgy, non-metallic mineral resources, abrasives, ceramics, rubber, plastics, building materials, paint, paint, paper making, petrochemical, military industry, environmental protection, urea, such as the brewing industry of dry material size grading, excellent application of slurry filtration, etc.

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Model Power of Motor Valid Diameter of screen Material Volume weight
DYG-600 0.35KW 550mm 100% SS304 610mm*610mm*660mm 65kg
DYG-800 0.55KW 760mm 100% SS304 810mm*810mm*760mm 78kg
DYG-1000 0.75KW 930mm 100% SS304 1010mm*1010mm*860mm 130kg
DYG-1200 1.5KW 1130mm 100% SS304 1210mm*1210mm*960mm 170kg

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