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DY300 Sieve Shaker


As we know that a vibrating sieving instrument is often needed in the laboratory. The 200 model is a commonly used model of test sieve in the laboratory, but some customers want to use a single larger sieving output to shorten the waiting time in the laboratory, high-efficiency test sieve replaces the previous small test sieve.
The 300-type test sieve is to meet the customer’s needs. The diameter 200 test sieve vibration motor was replaced so that the new vibration motor can support the normal operation of the sieve frame diameter 300mm. The working principle is the same, all through Different meshes classify the materials into a variety of materials of the same specifications. The test sieve is different from the vibrating sieve for production. The upper screen frame has no outlet, but only sieves the material smaller than the mesh screen. It has been continually sieved, and the bottom frame is connected to the smaller screen mesh of materials.

The 300-type test sieve is the same as the 200-type test sieve, and it can also analyze the detected materials quantitatively and regularly to ensure that the data is correct. The method of use is the same:
1. First, check whether the test sieve is normal: conduct an empty machine test when no material is put in to ensure that the test sieve machine can operate normally before the material screening test.
2. Then follow the operation steps of the instruction manual of the test sieve provided by the vibrating sieve manufacturer when purchasing the test sieve, and follow the operation specifications step by step.
3. The materials on the sieve surface of the experimental analysis screen should be cleaned up after each experiment. Keep a good record of the experiment.

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