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Dust Free Feeding Station

Dust-free feeding station is also known as a manual unpacking machine, and it is a piece of manual equipment for manually pouring a small bag of powder or granules materials to the next hopper, during the progress can discharge dust through its filter cleaning device and exhaust fan into the atmosphere, improve the working environment.
And it is equipped with a vibration screen (safety screen), which can effectively intercept foreign objects, to ensure the qualified materials are discharged.
Main structure: The dust-free feeding station consists of a feeding platform, unloading bin, dust removal system, and vibrating screen, etc.

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1.Removing dust function can effectively prevent dust from flying, reduce materials and energy consumption.
2. Equipped with vibration screen to sieve out the impurities.
3.Simple operation, convenient disassemble and clean, no dead angle.
4. Adopts intelligent control, efficient automation, saves energy.

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Dust-free feeding station is suitable for the unpacking, feeding, and sieving of middle and small bag materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and other industries, especially for the discharging and sieving of materials with poor flowability, and can effectively protect the working environment.

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Model Sieving Area Power (kW) Speed (rpm) Dynamic Load Static Load Exciting Force (kN) Flow Wind Pressure
DWT-800 0.42 2×0.18 1460 800N 1500N 2.5×2 1550-997 1217-1641
DWT-1000 0.64 2×0.25 1460 500N 2500N 5×2 1550-997 1217-1641

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