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Dust Free Feeding Station


The dust-free feeding station is a transfer device that uses negative pressure to collect dust. It can store materials first, then convey them, and cooperate with the dust collection system to effectively prevent the dust from flying. The conical part of the silo is equipped with a vibrator, which helps the flow of materials. A screening system can be installed in the silo to prevent agglomerated materials from blocking the discharge opening and the conveying pipeline. Designed according to user needs, the material dust and other materials generated during feeding are effectively isolated from the human body, so that the dust and dust are sucked into the filter system under the negative pressure of the fan to separate the gas and the material When the accumulation is long, it falls into the silo due to its own weight.

The dust-free feeding station can handle powder, granules, small chunks of unpacked unloading and unloading transportation operations, and it is also widely used in petrochemical, raw material medicine, plastic, carbon black, mining, food additives, cement and other industries The structure is simple, the production cost is low, the operation is simple and convenient, the cost performance is high, and the dust is collected, so that the dust is no longer flying.Has the following characteristics:

1. The bag opening station has a simple structure and is easy to operate;
2. The tapping equipment can ensure that the materials can smoothly enter the next step from the big bag;
3. Closed bag opening, dust does not fly, improve working environment, reduce production costs
4. Integrated design of bag opening, flapping and dust collection, compact structure and convenient operation;
5. Pneumatic or electric control methods can be provided to achieve remote monitoring;
6. Applicable working conditions: big bags of powdery and granular materials.

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