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Drum Screen

1.Trommel drum screen mainly consists of motor, reducer, drum units, sealing cover, support, etc.
2.Inclination of drum equipment, the motor is connected by reducer & the drum unit, the drive drum rotate around its axis.
3.When the materials go into the drum unit, due to the inclination and the rotation of the drum unit, it makes qualified materials come out by the outer of the trommel screen, substandard materials come out by the end of the trommel screen.

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Trommel screen consists of motor, reducer, trommel device, rack, seal cover, and inlet and outlet.

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1. It is durable and low maintenance cost, with 18 months warranty, 0 purchasing risk.
2. It is designed by your requirements, meet different handling capacity and working site.
3. It is fully enclosed by sealing structure, no dust pollution, more suit for high standard working conditions.
4. Install the automatic cleaning brush on the top of the trommel screen to avoid blockage.
5. The Screen is made of 16Mn with strong strength, good abrasion resistance, and high screening efficiency for long life.


1. Quarry industry: suitable for screening and classifying gravel, clay, mountain meal, sand, etc.
2. Coal Industry: suitable for screening and classifying lump coal, coal dust, coal washing, etc.
3. Chemical industry: fertilizer industry, etc.
4. Mineral-selecting Industry: suitable for grading and classifying lump, powder substance, etc.
5. Recycling industry: solid waste, scrap tires, plastic, etc.
6. Other industries: metallurgy, construction, building materials, abrasives.

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Model Trommel Dia. Trommel Length Screen Segment No. Aperture Size Power Inclined Angle Handling Capacity
DYT600 φ600 2-4m 1-2 5-35mm 2.2-3kw 0-7° 1-5m³/h
DYT800 φ800 2-5m 1-3 5-40mm 3-5.5kw 0-7° 2-8m³/h
DYT1000 φ1000 2-6m 1-4 5-50mm 4-7.5kw 0-7° 5-10m³/h
DYT1200 φ1200 3-8m 1-4 5-60mm 5.5-11kw 0-7° 8-15m³/h
DYT1500 φ1500 3-10m 1-5 5-60mm 7.5-15kw 0-7° 20-50m³/h
DYT2000 φ2000 4-12m 1-5 5-75mm 7.5-18.5kw 0-7° 50-80m³/h
DYT2500 φ2500 5-12m 1-6 5-90mm 11-18.5kw 0-7° 80-150m³/h

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