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Disc Feeder


The disc feeder is an auxiliary equipment of the material conveyor. It is usually used to continuously and uniformly supply block and granular materials with a capacity of not more than 2500kg/m3 from silos, hoppers and other containers to transport machinery or containers. Its feeding and can reduce the crushing effect of materials, and it is suitable for continuous and uniform feeding and batching in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry, electric power departments and mechanized foundry workshops. The working environment temperature of this equipment is -40°C–40°C, which is not suitable for conveying materials with poor fluidity or particularly good fluidity.

Features: 1. The overall structure of the disc feeder is compact, the reducer and the motor host are integrated, the installation and disassembly are relatively convenient, the space is small, and the basic installation is simple.
2. The reducer adopts oil-immersed lubrication, and the slewing support and pinion gears are lubricated with grease. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. Lubrication method: reducer, slewing support and pinion gear are all lubricated by oil bath.
3. The disc surface lining plate adopts the grid sector plate type to form a fixed abrasive layer. There is no need to worry about the wear of the lining plate, and the maintenance and replacement are convenient.
4. There are no lining plates on the plate surface and blanking sleeve barrels. Commonly used lining plates are: high chromium cast iron and polymer nylon lining plates. The lining board is a modular detachable structure, which is convenient for quick replacement and maintenance.
5. Running in level flight, long service life, convenient for long-distance operation.

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