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Detailed Explanation of The Characteristics of Circular Vibrating Screen And Stone Trommel


The circular vibrating screen is a new type of multi-layer, high-efficiency vibrating screen with circular motion. The circular vibrating screen adopts a cylindrical eccentric shaft vibration exciter and a partial block to adjust the amplitude. The material sieving line is long, and the screening specifications are many. It has a reliable structure, strong excitation force, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise, sturdiness and durability, and maintenance. Convenient and safe to use, the circular vibrating screen is widely used in product classification in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries. The circular vibrating screen is mainly composed of a screen box, a screen mesh, a vibrator, a vibration damping spring device, and a chassis. The vibrator is on the side plate of the screen box, and a motor is driven to rotate through a coupling or a belt to generate centrifugal inertia force to force the screen box to vibrate. The screen is the main wearing part. According to material products and user requirements, high manganese steel woven screens, perforated screens and rubber screens can be used. There are two types of single-layer and double-layer screens. All kinds of screens can meet the different requirements of screening effects. This series of circular vibrating screens are seat-mounted. The adjustment of the inclination of the screen surface can be achieved by changing the height of the spring support.

The drum screen is composed of five parts: hexagonal drum, frame, funnel, reducer and motor. After the broken stone enters the drum, it is screened as the drum rotates on the one hand, and the material is screened by the centrifugal force of the drum rotation and the jigging effect. On the one hand, the stones with large particle size flow forward along the slope of the drum, and are gradually screened out through screens of different meshes. Small stones are sifted out and fall into their respective hoppers, and then are transported out manually or sent to the finished product pile by self-flow. Its structure is simple and reliable, and it runs smoothly. It has the advantages of good sealing, no pollution, low noise, fast screen change, fine classification, large sorting ratio, high output, accurate sorting, low failure rate, and convenient maintenance. It is especially suitable for sand Graded use of stone yard. The trommel screen is made of fine workmanship, sturdy and durable, the steel frame is welded with section steel, and the hopper has a large volume and is made of steel plates. There are five funnels for discharging respectively. The mouth of the funnel is connected by a flange, and the material can be fed to both sides or one side, which is convenient for pulling or self-flowing, which improves the output and prevents the blocking of the material from wearing the screen and delaying the production.

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