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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Knowledge of Airflow Screen


a. Before using the air flow screen for the first time, please read the air flow screen instruction manual carefully, and use the air flow screen equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual;
b. Do a good job of daily maintenance such as cleaning, lubricating, fastening and anti-corrosion of the air flow screen, so that the equipment is kept clean inside and outside, with good performance, and a safe and reliable state;
c. The main engine, motor, and fan of the air flow screen should be checked regularly, lubricating oil should be added regularly, dust in the motor should be removed, and a thorough overhaul should be guaranteed once a year;
d. Airflow screen equipped with a vibration exciter, which must be overhauled 1-2 times a year, add lubricating oil regularly, and check whether the connecting bolts are tight;
e. The screen of the air flow screen should be evenly tensioned when it is replaced. When fixing the steel wire ropes at both ends, the screen should be tightened while adjusting;
f. The electrical control box of the air screen should be kept tidy to prevent dust from falling into the control box, causing electrical components to malfunction or short-circuit;
g. Regularly check whether the grounding wire of the air screen and the cable of the power switch are well connected. If there is any aging phenomenon, it should be replaced in time.

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