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Common Troubleshooting And Maintenance Knowledge of Airflow Screen


The air flow screen is a new type of high-precision vibrating screening equipment that screens fine powders. It is divided into two models: vertical air flow screen and horizontal air flow screen. As a new and efficient vibrating screening equipment, the air flow screen has a wide range of screening fineness, high precision, high screening efficiency, large output, no over-diameter mixing phenomenon, long service life, no dust spillage, low noise, and can Features such as continuous operation, often used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, metallurgy, building materials, rubber, machinery and other industries.
The structure of the air screen is complicated, and attention should be paid to maintenance and maintenance when using it. If any failure occurs, it should be eliminated in time. Our has summarized the common failures of the air screen, maintenance knowledge and matters that should be paid attention to during the use of the air screen. Users are welcome to consult:

Common faults and solutions of airflow screens
Fault description: The processing volume cannot meet the requirements:
Use the inspection sieve to detect whether the materials meet the screening requirements;
Fault description: Sudden increase in processing capacity:
Take the finished product for inspection and analysis. If the finished product is unqualified, check whether the screen is intact;
Fault description: Suddenly no output when working:
a. Check whether the fan is normal. If the flow of the fan decreases, overhaul the fan;
b. Check whether the discharging auger can’t rotate or discharging.

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