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Causes of Left And Right Vibration of Linear Vibrating Screen And Corresponding Measures


The linear vibrating screen uses a special vibration motor to generate vibration. The vibration source of the linear vibrating screen is a motor to drive the exciter. The exciter has two shafts. Each shaft has an eccentric weight and a dedicated vibration motor at both ends of the exciter. The self-contained eccentric throwing block rotates in the opposite direction, and the generated excitation force and the excess vibration force cancel each other partly, and the remaining composite vibration force is evenly transmitted to the screen surface along the guide plate device at about 35 degrees. The material is forced to move forward in a straight line, so it is also called a linear vibrating screen, and the two ends of the throwing block rotate relatively at a constant speed to ensure synchronization. When two discs with eccentric weights rotate, the centrifugal force F generated by the two eccentric weights cancels out the components on the x-axis and adds the components on the y-axis, resulting in a reciprocating excitation force in the y-axis direction. , So that the screen box produces reciprocating linear trajectory vibration in the y-axis direction.

When the vibration source of the linear vibrating screen adopts a vibrating motor, two units must be arranged, the axis of which is consistent with the longitudinal axis of the linear vibrating screen (not parallel, with an included angle). Two vibration motors can be arranged symmetrically above, below and on both sides of the screen box. The inclination angle of the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen is usually below 8°, and the vibration angle of the screen surface is generally 45°. The screen surface reciprocates linearly under the action of the vibration exciter. Particles are projected and fall under the vibration of the screen surface, so that the material moves forward continuously during the vibration process of the screen surface. Both the throwing and falling of the material have an impact on the screen surface, causing particles smaller than the screen hole to be screened and separated. The screening efficiency and production capacity (processing capacity) of the screen are related to the inclination angle of the screen surface, the vibration angle of the screen surface, and the ejection coefficient of the material.

Causes of left and right vibration of linear vibrating screen and corresponding measures:
1. The screen is not tensioned. Tighten the screen or replace it with a new one.
2. Check whether the vibrating screen is placed in a flat position. For example, if the vibrating screen is not stable, change to a level ground or workbench, and the bracket is fixed.
3. Whether the transportation support is disassembled. If the transportation support is not disassembled according to the instructions of the machine, not only the linear vibrating screen will vibrate as a whole but also damage the whole machine.
4. Whether the angle of the weight of the motor needs to be re-adjusted; whether the motor running direction is the same, the motor running direction of the linear vibrating screen should be opposite instead of the same.
The above points are common problems that will cause abnormal operation of the linear vibrating screen.

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