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Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator conveying dry product or solid product from low to high, supply automatic continuous conveying operation.
At the top of the conveyor, the bucket rotates over and dumps the product out. The bucket then travels down the backside of the frame to be filled again. A bucket elevator has two chains that carry the buckets. The buckets are closely spaced together allowing for a nearly continuous flow of product.
Adjusting transfer speeds could up and down conveying capacity. Lifting height is selected as your Location design request.

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bucket elevator 6


1. High elevating efficiency: This elevator needs low driving power, adopting inflow feeding and induction unloading, without feeding back.
2. Wide usage: This machine requires less in materials’ species and property, not only can lift general powder and little particles but high polishing materials.
3. Reliable operation: The advanced design and processing method assure the whole machine’s reliability. This machine had been tested for non-fault time exceed 20000 hours.
4.Long service life: This elevator adopts inflow feeding and no need to excavating materials with a hopper. So, there are less extrusion and collision between materials, which would reduce machinery abrasion.

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Widely applied in vast industries like metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, mine, grain and vegetable oil, food, fodder, plastic, and medicine.
1. Metallic and non-metallic ores: bauxite, coal, sand, gravel cement, gypsum, limestone, etc.
2. Food products: sugar, flour, coffee, salt, etc.
3. Chemical processing products: fertilizers, phosphates, agricultural lime, soda ash, etc.
4. Pulp and paper products: wood chips.

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Model Capacity (m³/h) Bucket capacity (L) The pitch between buckets (mm) Speed of bucket (m/s) Size of material (mm)
NE15 15 2.5 203.2 0.5 50
NE30 30 7.8 304.8 0.5 65
NE50 50 15.7 304.8 0.5 65
NE100 110 35.0 400 0.5 95
NE150 170 52.2 400 0.5 95
NE200 220 84.6 500 0.5 125
NE300 320 127.5 500 0.5 125
NE400 400 182.6 600 0.5 145
NE500 500 260.9 700 0.5 165
NE600 600 330.2 700 0.5 165
NE800 800 501.8 800 0.5 195

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