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Application of Vibrating Screen in Garlic Industry


Garlic is a commonly used crop with excellent medicinal and nutritional value. Due to the diversity of garlic’s efficacy, in addition to normal eating, it is also processed into various condiments and health products.

1. Peeling and removing impurities of whole garlic
As we all know, the outer skin of garlic is very easy to fall off. Today’s market requires more and more refined products. Garlic submerged in the garlic skin can easily be regarded by customers as defective products and sell poorly or be forced to reduce prices. The garlic vibrating screen can easily solve this problem, quickly screen out the rot and other impurities, and help you maximize the value of your product.
2. The impurity removal and classification of garlic powder
Garlic can be ground into powder, which is usually used in the food industry as a catering condiment. The garlic vibrating screen plays a vital role in the processing of garlic powder. It can not only help sifting out impurities such as thread ends and stems in the garlic powder, but also classify the garlic powder to cater to the production needs of different flavors.

3. Removal of garlic granules and garlic slices
Garlic granules and garlic slices are mostly used when garlic is made into garlic oil, allicin and other health products. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the supplement of nutrients. There is a huge market for various health products, and garlic health products are also No exception, but there will be impurities remaining in the garlic granules during the crushing process, which will affect the content of the finished health products. It is not easy to pass the requirements of the health products industry. This requires a garlic shaker to help you quickly sieve out clean garlic granules for preparation. One-step normal production.
4. Introduction of garlic shaker
Garlic is a food material, so you should be careful when choosing a model, choose high-quality 304 stainless steel, and pay attention to whether the model is easy to clean and disinfect. Secondly, the vibrating force of the garlic vibrating screen can be adjusted manually and flexibly adjusted according to the production demand. In addition, the garlic vibrating screen has low noise and large production volume.

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