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Application of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen in Wolfberry Powder Industry


Wolfberry powder ultrasonic vibrating screen is a new type of fine vibrating screening equipment, which is a simple, practical, reliable and stable screening equipment. Wolfberry powder ultrasonic vibrating screen is designed on the basis of the three-dimensional vibrating screen and adding an ultrasonic system, which can excellently screen heavy, light, ultra-fine and strong adsorptive powders that cannot be separated by ordinary three-dimensional vibrating screens. It can almost complete all difficult Screening operations for sieving powder materials.
In the screening process, the wolfberry powder ultrasonic vibrating screen uses the ultrasonic system to realize the fine powder screening operation that is difficult to complete by the three-dimensional vibrating screen, and effectively solves the blockage caused by the adhesion, high static electricity, and easy agglomeration of difficult-to-screen materials. At the same time, the precision and processing capacity have also been greatly improved. It is an ideal screening model for fine powder materials and a major technological breakthrough in the domestic screening industry.

Matters needing attention in the use of wolfberry powder ultrasonic vibrating screen:
1.When replacing screens with different meshes, the screens must be tightened before bonding, otherwise the ultrasonic vibration effect will be affected;
2.The connection nut of the bottom frame and the power box connection line must be tightened to prevent the power cord from being worn out after being loosened;
3.According to the specific gravity of the material being screened, the frequency of the ultrasonic generator adjustment is also very different, and the operation should be based on the actual material;
4.When the ultrasonic vibrating screen meets the production requirements, the smaller the output power of the power control box, the better;
5.Make sure that the bottom transducer of the P-type grid frame and the bolts of the grid frame are not loosened, and check whether they are loosened regularly;
6.The ultrasonic power control box should be placed in a dry, ventilated, and well-ventilated place, which is conducive to fan exhaust and heat dissipation. Use according to normal instructions can prolong its life.

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