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Application of Test Sieve in Particle Size Detection of Yuanming Powder


In laboratories, research institutions and other places, for the purpose of sodium sulfate related experiment requirements and sodium sulfate particle size standard monitoring, it is often necessary to accurately measure and record the particle size of sodium sulfate, which requires the use of laboratory vibrating screens. Sodium sulfate samples are accurately classified and classified according to requirements, which is what we call the so-called sodium sulfate particle size testing sieve. Yuanming powder particle size testing sieve is mainly composed of laboratory standard vibrating machine and sieve grid of different meshes. The electric vibrating sieve machine is a small laboratory special vibration sieve with a diameter of 200, which is suitable for a sieve with a diameter of 200. There is a timing device, users can adjust the use time, set automatic shutdown and other functions.

The cover, frame and bottom of the sieve grid of the Yuanming powder particle size inspection sieve are all made of 304 material in one stretch forming, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, rust-free and non-magnetic. The screen can be customized stainless steel weaving according to customer needs Mesh or perforated plate, the commonly used model is Φ200mm*50mm, that is, the screen frame is 200mm in diameter, and the screen height is 50mm. The screen frame diameter can also be customized to 300mm, 400mm, and the screen and the screen frame are connected by welding, which can withstand 400° High temperature, can be used in inorganic and organic solutions. The connection is firm, no gap, no material clamping. .All standard sieves have good interchangeability and consistency. The same sieve in different periods to ensure the same mesh. The same sieve in different periods to ensure the same mesh. According to the experience of cooperation between Zhentai vibrating screen manufacturers and the sodium sulfate industry, the required meshes for the particle size testing sieve for sodium sulfate are 18 mesh, 20 mesh, 45 mesh, 50 mesh, 100 mesh, 120 mesh, 140 mesh, and 170 mesh. 200 meshes, 230 meshes, and 270 meshes total 11 sieves.

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