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Application of Airflow Screen


The screening of materials with light specific gravity is a sieving problem for many customers. When calcium carbonate is reprocessed and produced, impurities often exist. It is necessary to screen out large particles and other impurities in calcium carbonate. Due to the light specific gravity of calcium carbonate, the use of Rotary vibrating screens and linear vibrating screens are difficult to screen by using their gravitational potential energy or applying exciting force, elastic force, or impulse, which easily causes dust to fly, and it is more difficult to achieve technical indicators.

The air flow screen uses air as the carrier and the operating principle of kinetic energy for work. After mixing the material with air through the negative pressure airflow, it enters the middle of the screen wind wheel, applies sufficient centrifugal force through the wind wheel blades, sprays the barrel screen through the net, and collects through the volute. Super-diameter materials cannot pass through the net and are discharged from the automatic slag discharge port to achieve the purpose of rapid screening. It is mainly suitable for the screening of materials with the characteristics of easy adhesion of fine powder materials, small particle size, light weight, and easy suspension.

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