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Analysis on the Causes of Slow Feeding of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen


Ultrasonic vibrating screen is an ultrasonic energy conversion device attached to the working mesh surface of the ordinary three-dimensional vibrating screen, so that ultra-high frequency vibration energy is superimposed on the working mesh surface, thereby maintaining the smoothness of the screen mesh, and achieving a more ideal screening situation. Ultrasonic vibrating screen is usually used to solve the screening of ultra-fine powder that ordinary rotary vibrating screens cannot do. Used in silicon carbide, alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, powder coatings, quartz powder, bumethone powder, malt powder, ribavirin, coffee powder, electromagnetic powder, anode material, laser Sifting of powder etc.

In the actual application process, if the cutting is slow, the following reasons are analyzed:
1) The screen is not tightened: If the screen is not tightened, the synchronous movement of the material and the screen will lose the elastic function of the screen itself. Therefore, the force of the screen is uniform and the tightness is very important.
2) The material has high viscosity and high humidity will cause the material to be unable to leave the screen.
3) When choosing ultrasonics, if the selection is too small and the mesh number is too fine, the material will be slowed down. The number of meshes is a key factor.

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