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Analysis of The Cause of The Big Vibration of The Vibrating Screen


Since the vibrating screen may break, fail to start, or run out of deviation and other large jumps during long-term use, do you know why these situations occur?

1. The vibration force of the vibrating screen is too large
If the power of the vibrating screen does not match the model during operation, it may cause a large displacement or jump in the use time.
2. Improper installation
If the ground is uneven or improperly installed during the installation of the vibrating screen, it will cause excessive vibration, so it is recommended that you pay more attention when installing it.
3. The anchor bolts are loose
Due to the long-term operation of the vibrating screen, the anchor bolts will be loosened under long-term vibration, which will cause the vibrating screen to produce greater vibration. In view of this situation, it is recommended that you regularly check and tighten the anchor bolts.

4. The hardness of the damping spring is too large
The damping spring is a component that connects the base of the screen and the frame of the screen. It has a buffering effect. If it is too hard, the buffering effect may not be achieved, causing the equipment to run off.
5. The rotation of the motor is inconsistent with the power
If the vibrating motor of the vibrating screen is worn or damaged, when the user replaces the motor, the rotation of the motor is inconsistent with the power, which may cause the vibrating screen equipment to vibrate violently.

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