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Airflow Screening Machine

Airflow sieve is also called horizontal airflow screen or horizontal airflow sieving machine due to the shape of lies. sieve cylinder, placed inside the body, after the material through the screw conveying system, mixed with airflow, atomized into the network within the cylinder. Through network within the cylinder, rotor blade makes the material at the same time by the centrifugal force and whirlwind propulsion, which nearly made the sprayed material, by the fine material outlet, not a net material along the nets are compared in from coarse material outlet.

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1. Airflow feeding function: Feed material by airflow, saving the investment of feeding machine.
2. Crushing function: The vane in this machine would crush some caking materials.
3. Riddle function: This machine can prevent big particles or trashes, so that lengthen fine screen’s life, and improve production, reduce power consumption.
4. Large screening range: This machine can sieve 4 to 400 meshes powder with high efficiency.
5. closed: This machine adopts stainless steel to seal 304, no powder fly.

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This machine is available in various industries such as starch, glucose powder, xylitol, soy protein, peanut white, vitamin C, sorbitol, Ganoderma lucidum powder, malt powder, coffee powder, bread flour, flour, spices, food additives, raw material powder, medicine intermediates, glass beads, perlite, silicon carbide, silica, activated carbon, epoxy, polyethylene powder, fire extinguishing agents, zircon powder, pigment (phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green and red, phthalocyanine Qinghuang, Huang Dan, fever ceramic pigment), magnetic materials, cobalt powder, pyrophyllite powder, barium sulfate, lithium manganese oxide, iron ash, silica powder, glaze, paint, pollen, dehydrated vegetables, egg powder, milk powder, baking soda, flavor, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, calcium oxide, silicon nitride, alumina, molybdenum disulfide, cellulose, nano-titanium dioxide, PVC resin powder, barium sulfate, silica powder, melon child bean gum, calcium fluoride powder and many other powder materials.

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Model Material Screen mesh size (mesh) Power (kW)
DYQ24-85 SS304 ≤300 2.2
DYQ30-100 SS304 ≤200 3
DYQ40-120 SS304 ≤200 4
DYQ50-140 SS304 ≤200 5.5
DYQ60-160 SS304 ≤200 7.5
DYQ70-180 SS304 ≤200 11

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