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450 Filter Sieve


The 450 filter sieve is a low-noise, high-efficiency, and easy-to-move small vibratory screening filter. It is a single-layer vibrating screen that integrates powder classification and liquid filtration. It is suitable for single-layer screening and filtration of manufacturers in various industries, processing materials with little production volume or low impurities. The model is small, light, and can be moved arbitrarily without occupying space.

450 filter screen machine structure composition: 450 filter machine is composed of body, vibration, hopper, screen basket, electric control and so on. The machine adopts a new type of vibration structure with stable vibration and high efficiency. The screen basket is easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to change the screen. The machine is novel in appearance, reasonable in structure, and easy to use. It is more suitable for occasions where the work place is often changed.

The principle of the 450 filter screen machine: the motor drives the heavy hammer to excite, and the screen body generates horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional movements, so that the material is thrown on the screen and rotated outward from the center to the discharge port and discharged. In the movement of the screen, fine particles or liquids pass through the screen. By selecting the corresponding screen and the number of screen layers, the materials can be screened, graded or filtered. The selected materials are automatically separated by their respective outlets. discharge. There are no special requirements for the equipment foundation, and the general cement floor can be used directly. It is easy to change the net, simple to operate and easy to clean. The mixture material enters from the center, and after sieving, the outlets of the materials of various sizes are automatically discharged continuously and can be continuously produced.

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